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Bottling Machine and Rinser


Bottling Machine

REV 500 – An automated counterpressure filling machine, adjustable for different bottle sizes.


  • Adjustable between 50-90mm Diameter and 200 – 290mm height.

  • Capacity (approx) 500 bottles / hour at 330ml volume.

  • Double Pre evacuation and purge with CO2.

  • Counterpressure filling for carbonated product.

  • Touchscreen operator interface control of filling and fobbing.

  • Automatic crown sorter.

  • Simultaneous dual filling, and dual crowning for perfect “capping on the foam”.

This machine is designed and manufactured in New Zealand using the best quality components available. Real world production in breweries in Australia and New Zealand.

Bottle Rinser

Semi automated sanitising of bottles. 16 bottles at a time are loaded into the bottle gripper, inverted and rinsed before being placed on the conveyor for filling. Bottle rinser and gripper is custom made for each bottle size.

This video shows the bottle gripper being used to depalletise bottles and then rinse them before filling.

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