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Customer Review

Duncan's Brewery

"We've worked with Microbrewtech for over five years now, first with their bottling machine and now with the new Phoenix canning machine.
The decision to upgrade to the Phoenix machine was easy because we have been so happy with the reliability and the support they provide.
The Phoenix has changed the game for us, we used to use a mobile canning service, now we package whenever we want, and are therefore able to sell heaps more SKUs in cans. We are now exporting to six countries. A year and a half of owning the Phoenix and we are still stoked." 
George Duncan - Duncan's Brewery New Zealand.   


At the NZ Beer Awards Simon Ross - Microbrewtech was awarded the Morton Coutts Award for Innovation.

Super proud to be recognized for the hard work that has been put in. Also, the large number of beers canned by our canning machines that placed highly at the awards proves the top quality of our Phoenix Canning machine.

Thanks to all involved.

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