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Phoenix Canning Machine

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  • 1300 up to cans an hour

  • Extra low dissolved oxygen 

  • Extremely low maintenance

  • Fills 330ml, 375ml, 440ml, 500ml "Classic" cans (66mm diameter, with 202 CDL ends)

  • Designed and manufactured in New Zealand, sales and servicing currently available in Australia and NZ

  • Low wastage 

  • Many "Extras" delivered as standard, including seamer tooling (CarnaudMetalbox!), Auto tank pressure controlwater rinse, smart lid blower, mobile table and two lid chutes

  • Requirements: 240V 10A "Standard" power supply. Clean Compressed air 100psi @300cfm minimum, High flow CO2 regulator. 

This is the perfect opportunity to grow your business with this smooth, yet efficient canning machine, that will effortlessly pump out 1300 cans an hour. Our machines arrive pre-tested ready for production.


Proven design: We have installed eight canning machines since March 2021 with over 1,000,000 cans filled. The over-the-top engineering ensures they have not had any significant issues, with next to zero downtime. On the rare occasion that technical advice is required, we are just a phone call away with parts at the ready to keep your production online.

The touch screen and sophisticated programming delivers effortless control, with minimal wastage.


Microbrewtech is all about customer service, we will go above and beyond to ensure your packaging experience is smooth.

Our investment in state of the art equipment includes an optical seam analysis machine for setup and monitoring of customers' seams and an Anton Paar dissolved oxygen meter, used to confirm excellent dissolved oxygen performance.

Once our seamers are set, they stay set; Even after years and hundreds of thousands of seams are performed.

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